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  • Currently, we treat violence as a moralistic issue: you’re a bad person or something bad has happened to you, ergo, you do bad things. But Slutkin’s research suggests there’s something more at work here....

  • The infamous trial of Oscar Wilde took place in 1895, leading to his two-year imprisonment for committing acts of homosexuality. Likely fearing a similar fate, British gay men came up with a solution – join together, and speak in code. The gay community created Polari, a secret language that allowed them to live as they pleased without being prosecuted. For these men, a sharpy was a policeman, to trade was to have sex, and a dish was an attractive man....

  • Lauren Scrivo, like countless other Americans, suffered the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy. In the chaos of the storm, she feared for her life, but as Inter Press Service of August 14, 2013 reveals, the hurricane wasn’t the most imminent threat; it was the power outage accompanying it. Scrivo lives with Muscular Dystrophy and uses a ventilator to breathe; however, without power she feared her medical equipment wouldn’t outlast the storm....

  • It’s pretty funny how I just wrote a post about checking food labels, and yet I didn’t follow my own advice at the grocery store just the other day. I was in the organic section at our lovely Kroger and noticed a package of spinach fettucine noodles next to some gluten-free pasta. I snagged the spinach noodles off of the shelf thinking they were GF, had a meal planned out in my head on the drive back to my house, got home and happened to check the back of the package. Naturally, staring me in the face was “CONTAINS: WHEAT” and my roommate scored yet another one of my food hand-me-downs thanks to my arch enemy, gluten....

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