Blood Bank

Blood Bank

Right at this moment, about one to two gallons of blood is pumping through your body. Which, is a lot when your think about it. However, most of us don’t think about our literal lifeblood to living until it comes seeping out from a wound. Nevertheless, Blood should still be thought of as a hot topic. On one aspect, scientists are still trying to create innovative techniques to help victims who have massive blood loss. On the other hand, blood is still being used to create a hierarchy. In this episode, Loudspeaker presents two speeches about this “blood-pulsing” topic.


Zac Ralston performs his Informative from the 2007-2008 speech season. Zac competed at Kansas State University.

Grant Anderson performs his Persuasion from the 2008-2009 speech season. Grant competed at University of Minnesota-Mankato.

Music from Houston Street Sounds

Photo: Designed by Chandler Johnson.


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