Let’s Eat (featuring Megan Do)

Let’s Eat (featuring Megan Do)

Megan Do is the Grand Poobah of Eats. She hosts a blog called, “Megan Eats Everything” and her taste buds have experienced some of the best food in the country. Here are Megan’s favorite eats.

5) Spicy & Tingly Beef Hand-Ripped Noodles from Xi’an Famous Foods — New York City

Thank God for Jason Wang and his family for introducing New York to the incredibly tasty cuisine of Xi’an, a city smack-dab in the middle of China. A fusion of Middle Eastern and Chinese foods, the cuisine relies heavily on bold spices like cumin and chilies and hearty, less common meats like lamb and oxtails. Xi’an Famous Foods isn’t a place you order one dish for yourself: you order several and share with friends. I highly recommend getting the Spicy & Tingly Beef Hand-Ripped Noodles. With chunks of tender beef, tossed with their house hot sauce, Chinese pepper powder, and hand-pulled noodles, this plate will make you cry in the best way possible. Cool down with an order of their cold Spicy Cucumber Salad (not really that spicy), and end the meal with their Stewed Pork Burger. Everything is $10 or less and you’ll be full for a good two days.

We gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night. Pic by @iam38girl. #shakeshack

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4) Shack Stack from Shake Shack — New York City and other locations

West Coasters, you can have your In-N-Out. Us New Yorkers? We have our Shake Shack, and we’re damn proud of it. Born from a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park, Shake Shack has slowly taken over the East Coast and will soon take over the world. To avoid a premature heart attack, I don’t eat at Shack Shack often, usually just when I have family and friends in town every few months. I always, always get the Shack Stack. It’s a cheeseburger and a ‘shroom burger (a crisp-fried Portobello mushroom stuffed with melted muenster and cheddar cheeses) topped with lettuce, tomato, and ShackSauce on a potato roll. One bite and you’ll have a pool of melted cheese oozing out of the side of the burger. It’s insanely rich, and every time I eat it I try to convince myself that I’m getting a serving of vegetables. Sort of.

The gastronomic experience in LA is incomplete without fried chicken sandwich for lunch at Son of a Gun. It's today's, OMG moment.

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3) Fried Chicken Sandwich from Son of a Gun — Los Angeles, California

I love sandwiches. They’re my favorite food group. On my most recent trip to L.A., I came across this beautiful fried chicken sandwich at Son of a Gun. It’s got a huge piece of perfectly moist, fried chicken topped with a spicy pickle slaw and spicy mayo and sandwiched in the perfect roll. Not only one of the most delicious sandwiches I’ve ever had, but also one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. If you’re not salivating right now, something is wrong with you.

2) Chocolate Croissant from Tartine Bakery — San Francisco, California

I can taste the huge, buttery croissant filled with chocolate as I’m typing this and I’m drooling on my keyboard. This is the best pastry I’ve ever put in my mouth, and I’ve put a lot of pastries in that area. Situated in the Mission area of San Francisco, this bakery produces some of the best bread, pastries, and sandwiches I’ve ever had, and this damn chocolate croissant won’t stop haunting my dreams.

A trip to Lawrence would not be complete without drunk eating Bonez.

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1) Bonez from Pyramid Pizza — Lawrence, Kansas

They’re rings of pizza dough stuffed with cheese, baked to a golden brown, brushed with heavenly garlic butter, and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. They’re called Bonez, and they’re best served fresh out of the oven with a side of ranch dressing. I have no idea why they’re called that, but who cares? They’re fucking delicious—even more delicious after a few beers at the neighboring bar, Louise’s. Many, many beautiful, wonderful drunken nights have ended at Pyramid Pizza: just my best friends, me, and a couple orders of Bonez with extra ranch dressing.


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