Soundbites: Testimony

Soundbites: Testimony

Typically, we give you a solid summary about the episode. However, this story doesn’t really need us to introduction. You need to hear from the person who experienced it. In the spring of 2012, we met Tunette Powell at a collegiate speech tournament. Little did we know, she would blow our minds. During the speech season, she performed a persuasion on the subject of drug abuse. The topic hit close to home because her father was a drug addict. However, she felt her story needed to be told and she ended up winning a National Championship with the speech. Now listen to a more intimate depiction of her life with a father who had an addiction.

Inspirational Speaker and Author Tunette Powell talks about the trials and tribulations of her childhood…

Tunette is all about community outreach and sharing her message! Her book, The Other Woman, will be out early 2013. She is also launching a blog that talks about her daily life, as well as highlighting underserved communities and people. For more information about Tunette, visit her website at If you join her mailing list, you’ll get updates on the book, excerpts, and inspirational messages.

Music: “Oppari, Optimistic” by Offthesky.


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