Photos: Taco + Hotdog =

Taco + Hotdog =

In Daniel Wheaton’s article, he mentions a delicacy being served at schools. Taco dogs. But, we wanted to know what did a taco dog look like? So, we had some of our friends and staff put their creativity to work. Ladies and gentlemen, le pièce de résistance…

Note:We used our own imagination of this unique treat and didn’t follow Daniel’s description.

“Taco Dawg y Taco Dog” by Taylor Pruitt

“Taco Dawg y Taco Dog” by Taylor Pruitt

“The Dog with the Taco Body” by Allison Henri

“It’s Just A Taco. Wait.” by Chandler Johnson

“Like… Walk The Taco Dog” by Taylor Sloey

“Snoopy Taco” by Ashley Burns


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