The New Wonder Years

The New Wonder Years

In recent time, at the apex of adulthood, a majority of people (20 year olds) have been going through some rough times. From unemployment to having am identity crisis, being a twenty-something ain’t what it us to be… Or so we tell ourselves. While society continually evolves, so do the pressures of growing up. In this episode, Loudspeaker uncovers the aspects of the Quarter-Life Crisis, as well as attempting to find solutions to these transitional times.

Clare Blackwell (Clare Feeley) performs her After-Dinner Speech from the 2008-2009 speech season. Clare competed at Kansas State University and is currently a graduate student at the University of Alabama.

Caitie Leibman shows the difference in growing up as a twenty-something now and in the 50s (21:00). We end the show with a beautiful essay about going through a QLC (31:30).

Music and Sounds: Beep One / Part One – “Judicious Jason” and “Demented Dustin” by Monk Turner. Beep Two / Part Two – Fox’s New Girl, HBO’s Girls, The Apollo 11 Moon Landing, “22” by Taylor Swift, and “We’re Going To Take Back America” by Monk Turner. Beep Three / Part Three – “Seeking” by Monk Turner. Beep Four / Part Four – “Loquacious Larissa” by Monk Turner.

Photo: Designed by Chandler Johnson.


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