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Founded in November 2011, Loudspeaker is a nonprofit media site dedicated to exploring the social condition through the voices of the people. Loudspeaker provides content and events that illuminates the news happening around the world and the people that represent them.

The website – which is updated periodically – offers articles, podcasts, and videos that maintain our commitment to telling stories that matter to the public. We ensure that “speech never dies” by regularly presenting speeches from a variety of individuals. It is Loudspeaker’s mission to champion discourse and discussion regarding issues happening here and abroad.

Loudspeaker Staff

Chandler Johnson

Founder & Director

Brock Ingmire


Taylor Pruitt

Art Director

Matt Butler

Sound Technician

Former Loudspeaker Staff

Michael Kelly


Daniel Wheaton


Amanda Stoffel


Caitie Leibman


Anne Deluca


Amanda Bouc


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a podcast?

A podcast is basically a radio show or program that you can listen to online. There are two ways you can listen to a podcast: The first way to listen to a podcast is by logging on to the website (also know as streaming). The second option is to download the podcast on your mobile device or computer.   Downloading the podcast gives you the opportunity to listen to the program at anytime with or without an internet connection.

How to get Loudspeaker's podcast?

There are multiple ways that you can listen to Loudspeaker’s podcast. You can stream the podcast on Loudspeaker’s website, speechneverdies.org. Choose an episode on the page and press the play button. You can also subscribe to have the latest Loudspeaker episodes sent to your mobile device.

To listen to the podcast on your iPhone, iPad, and alternative Apple device, open the podcast app, search for Loudspeaker, and press subscribe. If you do not have the podcast app on your Apple device, you can download the app for free from the app store.

 For Android phones and tablets, Loudspeaker can be found on apps like Stitcher. Download Stitcher from Google Play. After opening Stitcher, search for Loudspeaker and press the plus sign (+) in order to add the show to your Favorites List. Then, go to the Favorites List and press the gear icon in the upper right corner to download the latest episodes.

When will you post new episodes or stories?

Loudspeaker focuses on more periodical journalism and storytelling, at times month-to-month reporting. Essentially, Loudspeaker’s postings depend on how each story develops. If you’d like updates on our site and on our new stories, please sign up for our newsletter.

Do you accept pitches for a Loudspeaker article or episode?

Yes. Loudspeaker wants its content to be just as much by you as it is for you. Loudspeaker will listen to every pitch that follows our journalistic guidelines and code of conduct. You can submit a pitch by filling out a form on the contact page or sending an email to hello@speechneverdies.org and our staff will read it. Unfortunately, we might only respond to pitches our staff will pursue.

Is Loudspeaker in another language?

Loudspeaker is presenting articles, podcasts, and videos only in English. While Loudspeaker would love to translate the content in other languages, we currently aren’t translating or taking any listen-generated translation requests.

What does 'Live Loud' mean?

‘Live Loud’ is a motto that we try to live by and encourage at Loudspeaker. The inspiration for this phrase comes from the origins of soapbox oratory. In the beginning, the working class didn’t have the funds or the platform to voice their opinions about important issues that affected them. To solve this problem, people would use a soapbox to publicly address issues that they believed mattered to people like them. Loudspeaker is inspired by activists. For the staff at Loudspeaker, ‘Living Loud’ isn’t about yelling the loudest or being the most combative, it’s about being an informed citizen and active participant regarding social issues.

Can I use the Loudspeaker logo to create my own t-shirts or items for my event?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot allow anyone to use our logo in order to protect our branding and overall mission.  If you have other questions about permissions and licensing, please write to hello@speechnverdies.org.

How can I contact the staff of Loudspeaker?

You can fill out a form on the contact page or send an email to hello@speechneverdies.org and our staff will read it.