The Soapbox Contest was a competition to impact a cause by using your voice. Held at Illinois State University, on April 16, 2013, the contest gathered students across the campus to audio record a two minute speech persuading people to support a cause they were passionate about. We posted all of the speeches on website and had you vote on five finalist. Then four judges and your votes decided the winner out of the five finalist. The winner received money that was given to an organization that supported their cause.
Loudspeaker had close to 50 individuals get on their soapbox and share their voice. Listen to the different ideas each of these speakers have to offer. Vote for your favorite speeches.

You can listen to all the soapbox entries by clicking the play button above. Or, you can listen to the speeches by clicking this link.

On Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at NOON the polls closed and we tallied up the votes. 937 of you voted and the top five speeches went to the final round. A panel of four judges and your votes helped determine the winner. Check out how things turned out…
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You can listen to all of the finalist speeches by clicking the play button (above). Or, you can listen to the finalist by clicking this link.

Special thanks to Illinois State University for hosting the contest and event.