The Social Moves and Soapbox Series Kick-Off (SOMOSOBO) is an interactive event that works to bridge the gap between the Bloomington-Normal community and Illinois State students. SOMOSOBO is an opportunity to create awareness about social issues you are passionate about, as well as be presented with information that helps you further find your voice. This is a unique one-day experience unlike any other!
 On April 16, 2013, the Brown Ballroom at Illinois State University will host SOMOSOBO. The event will present three amazing features that will inspire you to be civically engaged. The floor plan (below) describes the key components of the event. Take a look at the features!

Map Key

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The Blue Star

This represents the entrance. All attendees will receive a map and ticket that will help you interact will all the activities and events.

The Green Triangles

The School of Communication provides a unique platform for non-profits, advocacy organizations and local government programs. These groups will host booths promoting their organization and their mission. Participating organizations will be encouraged to directly interact (e.g. have activities, contests, etc.) with students and citizens. Through this communication, community members will help students understand their role in the community that will serve as their home for a number of years.

The Gold Circle

Sponsored by The American Democracy Project and the Illinois State Forensics Union, the “Your Voice Is Golden’ series spotlights the power of one’s voice. Every thirty minutes during SOMOSOBO, attendees will get to hear from two kinds of speakers: (1) Students from the Illinois State Forensics Team and (2) Community members who will advocate the role their voice plays in the community. From public officials to award-winning speaking competitors, this series will show you that all it takes is one voice to create change.

The Red Box

SOMOSOBO is enlisting the help of Loudspeaker to provide a booth that puts your voice on a bigger platform. At the Loudspeaker Soapbox booth, individuals will each record a 2-3 minute speeches persuading people to support a cause, non-profit, or issue. After the event, Loudspeaker will filter through the speeches and have judges choose five speeches to go to the final round. The five speeches will be posted online where the public will vote (via gopollgo) for their favorite speech. At the end of the voting period, the speech with the most votes will announced as the winner. Money will be donated to the winning speakers non-profit of choice (one that supports his or her speech’s cause). The winner will present a check to his or hers non-profit at the McClean County Cares event. So, get on your soapbox and speak up!

Special thanks to Anna Wright and Illinois State University for their assistance in organizing this event.