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If you have a great story idea or recommendation that you think we should do on the podcast, sends us a few paragraphs about your suggestion, preferably no more than two pages. There is no need for you to be formal, just pitch your idea. Be sure to know your idea inside and out by asking yourself the tough questions and thinking about possible directions your suggestion could go. Attempt to be as brief as possible; however do not leave out the XYZ (beginning, middle, and end) of the idea. You may also include short excerpts, pictures, and links that might help us understand your idea better. We don’t have a lot people to look at massive amounts of support material, so be sure to display it in the least and most available way. Remember: We want to represent you in the best way. Help us do that by developing great ideas and finding the best material.

However, we will only contact you if your idea or recommendation will be used.

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If you’d like your music featured on Loudspeaker, send us a MP3 of your work (homemade or professional studio recording) and we’ll give it a listen.

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